Casa #5

Year-round holiday rental in the village of Sítio de Nazaré, close to the spectacular surfing beach of Praia do Norte

The village of Sítio de Nazaré is 120 km north of Lisbon, on the Silver Coast. A perfect location for both coast and culture, it has fabulous sandy beaches and many of Portugal’s world heritage sites nearby.

Sítio de Nazaré, perched high on a cliff top, has been inhabited since the Middle Ages, and has beaches either side. To the left is the famous historic fishing town of Nazaré, and on the right, the much publicised Praia do Norte, where daredevils compete to surf some of the world’s biggest waves….

In the centre of the village, on a quiet market square, you’ll find Casa No.5…

This beautiful house provides a comfortable 2-bedroom apartment, with front and back garden. Plenty of great local restaurants and cafés within walking distance, and major supermarkets a mere 5 minute drive.